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1 JANUARY 24, 2021 Page 1

2 Third Sunday in Ordinary Time JANUARY 24, 2021 Parish Directory Staff and Contacts Parish Mailing Address: 212 Station Street Bridgeville, PA Parish Phones: Phone: Fax: Parish Website: Parish Parish Facebook Page: Corpus Christi Parish St. Barbara: Location: 45 Prestley Road Bridgeville, PA St. Mary: Location: 10 St. Mary s Lane Cecil, PA Holy Child: Location: 212 Station Street Bridgeville, PA Advertiser of the Week We thank the following business for helping to underwrite the production of our weekly Parish Bulletin: Gallina & Sons Insurance since 1948 Please mention that you saw their ad in the Sunday Bulletin and thank them for their support of our parish. Clergy Rev. Dennis P. Yurochko Ext Pastor Rev. David G. Rombold, Jr. Ext Parochial Vicar Rev. Michael S. Sedor In Residence Rev. Tony Gargotta In Residence Deacon Lee F. Miles Deacon Brian M. Podobnik Deacon Leonard M. Thomas, Jr. Parish Staff Joe Andrejcik, Ext Facilities/Maintenance Brandon Feikles Ext Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries Anthony Tony Ferguson Ext Director of Evangelization Katie Grella Ext Director of Family Ministries RCIA/RCIC Coordinator Linda Grimes, Business Manager Ext Mary Elizabeth Liz Hand Ext Director of Faith Formation Dianne Krivanek, Office Manager Ext Mariangela Lorence, Office Manager Ext Dr. Michael Mackey Director of Music Ministries Ext Karen Marx, Bookkeeper Ext Cindy Parry Ext.4340 Director of Home School Faith Formation & Safe Environment Coordinator Bonnie Pierce Ext Director of Small Group Bible Studies Lori Rathbone, Music Director Joanne Gaston Associate Organist Pat Sherba Ext Faith Formation Assistant Emily Wardle Spina Ext Music Director James Sullivan Ext Director of Facilities/Maintenance Lou Valente Ext Sacristan/Fish Fry Please note that the Parish Office is closed from Noon to 12:45 PM on Monday to Friday while the staff a ends daily Mass. The Parish Office is open on Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 12:45 PM to 4:30 PM. And on Saturday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Page 2

3 Mass Intentions Date Time Location Intention Offered By Saturday, January 23 St. Vincent St. Marianne Cope Sunday, January 24 Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Monday, January 25 The Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle Tuesday, January 26 Sts. Timothy & Titus Wednesday, January 27 St. Angela Merici Thursday, January 28 7:00 AM St. Mary Ann J. Moczan Fr. David Rombold, Jr. 4:00 PM St. Mary George Belitskus Joe & Priscilla 5:00 PM Holy Child Arnold Fiorentini Family 6:00 PM St. Barbara Joey Sisca Family 8:00 AM Holy Child Barb Luck Dad, Mum & Family 9:30 AM St. Barbara For the People of Our Parish 10:30 AM St. Mary Olivia Maria Longo Martin Teresa Maynor 11:00 AM Holy Child Nancy O Brien Jerry & Pat Martincic 5:00 PM Holy Child Paul M. Rumancik Fardo Family 7:00 AM St. Barbara Joseph J. Moczan Fr. David Rombold, Jr. 12:00 Noon Holy Child Stolar Family Mike & Gretchen Grimes 7:00 AM St. Mary Rev. Fr Anthony Cekada Fr. David Rombold, Jr. 12:00 Noon Holy Child Elizabeth Martincic Children 7:00 AM St. Barbara Wayne Preissler Reinstadtler Family 12:00 Noon Holy Child Clara Zupancic Barbara & Family 7:00 AM St. Mary Joey Sisca Family St. Thomas Aquinas 12:00 Noon Holy Child Helen Andiorio Daughter Friday, January 29 7:00 AM St. Barbara Kaminski & Kribel Families Rick 12:00 Noon Holy Child Unborn Mary Ann Parente Saturday, 7:00 AM St. Mary Jerry Kubrick Deacon Len Thomas January 30 4:00 PM St. Mary Sunday, January 31 Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cornelius & Daughter Lisa Walker Wife & Mother 5:00 PM Holy Child Dolores Walther Carol Sipe 6:00 PM St. Barbara Peter Barclay 8:00 AM Holy Child Ann Kauche 9:30 AM St. Barbara Ruth Frattini Barclay & Abbatico Families Lizann & Jeff Hilty & Family Family 10:30 AM St. Mary Thomas Zayac Family 11:00 AM Holy Child John Cvetic Janet Cvetic 5:00 PM Holy Child For the People of our Parish SACRAMENTS Reconciliation Offered at the following times and locations St. Mary Saturdays 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM St. Barbara Saturdays 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM Holy Child Wednesdays 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM Baptism Instruction is required for first-time parents preferably prior to the birth of the baby. Please call the Parish Office for arrangements. Marriage Arrangements must be made at least six months prior to the wedding date. Please call the Parish Office. Priesthood or Religious Life Please contact the Vocation Office at or PA Child Abuse Protection Services Diocesan Victim Assistance Hotline office Page 3 Daily Readings can be found on

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12 Weekly Events CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR WEEK OF JANUARY 24, 2021 Sunday, January 24, 2021 ~ Third Sunday in Ordinary Time 9:00 AM CCD Group B Morning Holy Child School 6:00 PM Youth Group Holy Child Youth Room Offertory Collections Corpus Christi Parish Envelopes Weekly (1-9/10)...$ 16, Parish Share...$ 2, St. Anthony DePaul Sch..$ Add l Christmas..$ Add l Children & Youth.$ Bridgeville Food Bank...$ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Online Weekly(12/28-1/3). $ 2, Parish Share $ Christmas Offering.$ 1, Add l Sol. Of Mary. $ Add l All Saints... $ Bridgeville Food Bank.$ St. Vincent de Paul $ 1, Thank you for your continued generosity and support of our parish community. Monday, January 25, :30 AM Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Holy Child Atrium 11:30 AM Rosary Holy Child Church Tuesday, January 26, :30 AM Rosary Holy Child Church 7:00 PM Parish Bible Study Zoom/ St. Barbara Hall 7:00 PM Soul Core Holy Child Gym Wednesday, January 27, :30 AM Barre Exercise Class Holy Child Gym 11:30 AM Rosary Holy Child Church 5:30 PM Homework Night/Adoration Holy Child Youth Room 6:30 PM SVdP Meeting St. Barbara Hall 7:00 PM RCIA St. Barbara RCIA Room 7:00 PM Adoration/Confession Holy Child Church Thursday, January 28, :00 AM Legion of Mary Holy Child Rectory Conference Room 1:00 PM Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Holy Child Atrium 11:30 AM Rosary Holy Child Church Friday, January 29, :30 AM Rosary Holy Child Church Following Noon Mass Divine Mercy Chaplet Holy Child Church 12:00 PM Mass/March for Life Holy Child Church Saturday, January 30, 2021 Sunday, January 31, 2021 ~ Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time 9:00 AM CCD Group A Holy Child School 9:00 PM CCD Group A Holy Child School 5:00 PM Youth Group/Vocations Panel St. Barbara Hall Page 12 The Society of St. Vincent de Paul 5th Sunday Collec on Our first collec on for the New Year is on January 30/31. Though only two months removed from our previous collec on, the need is s ll great due largely to reduced Mass a endance, thus reduced dona ons. So the Corpus Chris Conference of St. Vincent de Paul needs your help. Please be generous and don t forget, your dona on can always be mailed to the parish office. Fortunately, the requests for assistance have been down with moratoriums on evic ons and seasonal u lity shut offs. But this will change and come Spring our friends in need will not be able to remain sheltered or keep the lights on. To give you some perspec- ve on the need, last year, even with many receiving government assistance, our Conference made disbursements of over $45,000 dollars, with rent ($16,444), food cards ($10,010), u li es ($6,195) and transporta on related needs ($6,651) heading the list. Thanks to your generosity through our 5th Sunday Collec ons, the St. Mary Poor Box, our parish ministries, and our members, we have always been able to meet the need. We trust that with your support we will be able to con nue serving our Friends In Need. Thank You and God Bless!

13 Weekend Ministry Schedule January 30/31 Lectors Ministers of the Eucharist Ministers of the Cup Altar Servers Usher Church Sanitizer Saturday, January 30 4:00 PM St. Mary Lillian Veres N/A N/A Vallie Boyce Chevelle Chase Joey Kreuer Filled Position Filled Position 5:00 PM Holy Child Gary M. Liebel N/A N/A Luciano Marra Nicholas Pruchitzky Becky Lucas Connie Robinson Cathy Zik Mark Zik 6:00 PM St. Barbara Dan Palmer N/A N/A Jenna McCoy Zoe McCoy Anthony Dourlain Mark Fleisner Sean McCann Janet Cvetic Sunday, January 31 8:00 AM Holy Child Louise Houston N/A N/A Connor Bunn Anna Bunn Judith DePalma Lisa Binotto 9:30 AM St. Barbara Leta Nixon N/A N/A Violet Chabala Sydney Geary Roman Iannone Janet Cvetic Pam Fantoni Marcia Grubesky 10:30 AM St. Mary Mary Jane Longo N/A N/A Annabella Bellino Sophia Powell Sarah Powell Filled Position Filled Position 11:00 AM Holy Child James Maochi N/A N/A Teresa Aquilina Maya Colson Audrey Guskey Alyssa & Dane Hetland Knights of Columbus 5:00 PM Holy Child Joe Sisca N/A N/A Jonathan Garside Sean Kelly NEWS FOR LIFE: Are you experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or do you know someone who is? Corpus Chris prolife group is here to offer confiden al assistance direc ng you to pregnancy assistance organiza ons that offer free pregnancy tes ng, sonograms, medical care, mothering and life skills classes, housing, baby clothes and diapers, adop on op ons, and post abor on help. For informa on contact: Lois / or Lavonne / A MESSAGE TO ALL VOLUNTEERS: Corpus Chris Parish thanks our volunteers who dedicate their me and talents to our parish. We sincerely thank you for acquiring and maintaining Safe Environment Clearances. To volunteer in any ministry (readers, ushers, fundraising, etc.), anyone 18 years of age or older must be in full diocesan compliance. Please contact Cindy Parry (Corpus Chris s Safe Environment Coordinator) at Ext or for informa on. Clearances require approximately one month for processing. If you have received clearance documents in the mail, please be sure to complete and return them as soon as possible. If you are unsure of your status, you may contact Cindy. Page 13

14 Prayer Warriors Please remember in your prayers the sick, suffering, and housebound of our parish community Tracy Adams Frank Barnes Charles Barnett Raymond P. Baselj Mark Baumgartner Mark Bednar Michael Betters Jessica Bookser Roberta Brodie Alexis Brown James Campbell Judith Capurso Bethany Carder Freddy Carothers Lisa Cecere Patricia Chiurazzi Becky Colson Mary Conn Theresa Connelly Mia Corbin Paul Crile Johnny Crossey Joan Crum Kathy D Amico Daniel Danilo Virginia Davis Elaine Debattista Martha DeFrancesco Laurie Denison Mary Doane Bentley Dodge Paul Donati Mary Donnelly Diane Dourlain Marlene Dragovich Barbara Drexler Diana Jordan Dublin Barbara Dunn William Edgell Ryan Estatico Robert Faulkner Heather Ferguson Susan Fischer Carey Fittipaldo Gloria Fortunato Zachary Fowler Alice Fox Robert Fritz Sean Gallagher Glynis Gilliand Karen Godwin Hazel Griffith Dolly Grimes Lucy Guskey Terry Hagerty Sydney Hawk Peggy Helstern Matthew Holland Karen Hughes Wayne Isenberg Patti Kaley David Kearns Corinne Keller Jennifer Kennedy Karen Knepp Joan Knock Edna Koczaja Jeff Kollar Debbie Kovach Joe Kotarba Dorothy Kozak Stephen Kretchun Chris Larson Tammy Lechliter Gary Lee Susan Leierzapf Michael Lejeune Jean Lemesh Pamela Lenart Mikey Lento Norman Leonard Andrea Littlejohn Mary Lloyd Ted Long David Lynch Sadie Mack Jerry Majcher Janet Maker Melanie Maksin David Martin Henry Martin Family Sandy Mason Peg Massimino Mann Mary Mazzocco Brian McFeeley Stephanie McKeel Elizabeth McKeever Amanda McMaster Matthew Milanak Mary Miklaucic Deacon Lee Miles Eve Minutello Mariam Mollick Mark Montagna David Murphy Kathy Murphy Ben Nelson Pastor Bruce Nordeen Meghan O Brien Emma O Malley Kevin O Toole Heather Orient Destiny Otricelli Kirsten Owsinski Dorothy Paganini Nicholas Paganini Steven Page Tom Paholsky Leo Pancari, Jr. John A. Pelusi Anne Perella (Sr.) Mary Lou Petronsky Glena Phillips Joan Phillips Frank Plesants Jim Podobnik James Porter Janice Preselac Chad Pruchnitzky Sydney Pugliese Trish Reese Lexi Ribstein Brandi Richter Diane Roach Karen Roemer Mary Rosato Julie Ross Josephine Rossi Karen Scurich Robin Schillo Donna Schmitt Kathy Sicilia Melissa Sill Joey Sisca Mary Lou Skalniak Joe Smida Jean Souza William Spitzig Cathy Stewart Kathryn Story June Marie Stuhldreher Conrad Sutanto Bob Sweeney Georgette Swisher Robert J. Terpack Deacon Len Thomas Brayden Tilley Rachel Tome Mary Lee Tracy Bill Tracy Tom Trainor Dino Trimble Joseph Trombetta Sr. Lorilee Ufolla James Vokoun Doris Wagner Nancy Wanko Felicia Warholak George Warholak Ursula Wauthier Greg Wensell Michelle Wieczorek Robert Wingo Jacob Winlow Anne Wisbar Barbara Wood Amanda Wyandt Isabella Yakos Jamie Zayac John Zollars Joe Zymroz Please remember to call the Parish Office to add or remove names from the prayer list. We extend our condolences to the families and friends of Genevieve Wagner, Francis Davis, David Schwartzmiller, Marc Zavallo, Jr. who were buried from our parish. May they rest in peace in the kingdom of God. May their families and friends know the faithfulness of Christ s love. Sanctuary Candle This week s candle at St. Mary burns In Loving Memory of Rosa Marcolina Offered by: Roman, Leierzapf & Kraf Families This week s candle at St. Barbara burns In Loving Memory of Ellen O Keefe Offered by: Mike & Gretchen Grimes This week s candle at Holy Child burns In Loving Memory of Eugene & Diana Ney Offered by: Gene Ney The Sanctuary Candle burns as a reminder of Jesus presence in the Tabernacle. Page 14

15 1269 Washington Pike Bridgeville, PA (412) Phone Broniak and Kraf Flower Shop And Greenhouses Flowers For All Occasions Washington Pike, Bridgeville Gourmet Apples and Treats Wedding Favors Baby Showers Corporate Gifts 415 W. Main St. Carnegie PJ s Deli ~ Bakery ~ Catering 700 Bower Hill Road, Bridgeville, PA Phone Donald McFarland, D.O. Nicolette E. Chiesa, M.D., F.A.C.P. PPCP Chartiers Valley Medical Center 1168 Washington Pike Bridgeville, PA f: Calabro Tire & Auto Service Family owned since Bower Hill Rd. (412) PITTSBURGH UPPER ST. CLAIR MONONGAHELA David V. Glorioso, M.D. Xuong Lu, M.D. David L. Limauro, M.D., F.A.C.G. Robert J. Pagano, M.D. Mark A. Cedar, D.O. Theresa Schuerle, D.O. Nicholas A. Bellicini, D.O. Jungmin Lee, M.D. Lisa A. Oliva, D.O. PITTSBURGH 1350 Locust St., Ste. Pittsburgh, PA UPPER ST. CLAIR 2589 Boyce Plaza Rd. Upper St. Clair, PA MONONGAHELA 100 Stoops Dr., Ste. 320 Monongahela, PA COLON CANCER SCREENING AVAILABLE South Fayette Sunoco 140 Millers Run Road Bridgeville, PA OPEN 24 HOURS THIS SPACE IS Ed Pelino Jr. Phone: Millers Run Road Bridgeville, PA Phone : Proudly Serving Pittsburgh Since VISION SOURCE SOUTH HILLS DR JOANN STRAIN DR MARLA M CRAWFORD BRIDGEVILLE, PA NAPOLI ITALIAN RESTAURANT GREAT SOUTHERN SHOPPING CENTER PARTY TRAYS FOR ALL YOUR PARTY NEEDS 10% OFF ANY FOOD PURCHASE $10.00 OFF Equipment Maintenance $25.00 OFF repairs of $ or more. Coleman - Taylor Funeral Services Cecil, PA John W. Taylor, Funeral Director What do you do when your pet dies? Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation Hours - days, nights, weekends and holidays Cremation performed on premises DeBlasio & DeBlasio Associates, CPAS Janet C. CPA Pasquale B. CPA Franco M. CPA Pasquale V. CPA P-4-2 For ad info. call

16 TRAFFIC SIGNALS-CONTROLS SCHOOL DEVICES-LIGHTING TRAFFIC SIGNS-STRIPING 4125 CAMPBELLS RUN RD. PGH, PA LET US PLACE YOUR AD HERE. Mary Kay Petrini, Parishioner Ph: C: Promotional Products from A to Z Stephen J. O Brien & Associates, LLC 650 Ridge Road, Suite 400 Pittsburgh, PA (412) General Practice and Civil Litigation; Estates, Trusts & Wills; Personal & Work Injuries Our Philosophy is grounded in the belief that good lawyers listen first Independent Living Skilled Nursing Personal Care Memory Support (412) NOW HIRING David A. Warchol Owner - Supervisor Parishioner For All Your Electrical Needs. BOZICK ELECTRIC DON BOZICK - Parishioner Orthodontics for children, teens & adults Dr. Beth Troy BETHEL PARK UPPER ST. CLAIR People you know...people you trust. (412) Washington Pike, Bridgeville Espresso - Daily Lunch Specials Premium Coffee and Teas LaBella Bean can be rented for Showers, Parties and Meetings Call for details Bob Longo Admin. Asst. Parishioner ZEMENCIK FAMILY DENTAL JAMES F. ZEMENCIK, D.M.D. (412) MICHELLE HAJA ZEMENCIK, D.M.D. (412) Washington Ave., Bridgeville PA New Patients Welcome Evening Appointments Available Let Our Family Provide Your Family s Dental Care Katie Nath Upper St. Clair, PA REALTOR Learn more from Upper St. Clair, PA real estate agent Katie Nath Michael Kirby, Owner & Parishioner THIS SPACE IS (412) Quality Body Work and Towing Since 1946 Contact Sue Novosel to place an ad today! or (800) x6318 James Mrdjenovich CFP, Principal / Wealth Manager Beth Deklewa Mrdjenovich, Registered Representative 1273 Washington Pike, Ste. 128, Bridgeville Financial & Retirement Counseling Estate Planning Medicare Planning Health Insurance Social Security Maximization Debt Management Call Our Office for a FREE Consultation 3-P-4-2 For ad info. call